Realising the Dream
The unique, one-piece thin-wall cabinet of the MINISSIMO is the best enclosure possible to make, which brings the innovative ARABESQUE concept a full circle. The shape was inspired by nature, but it took cutting-edge computer modelling to transform that inspiration into reality. Now, five years later, high-tech materials and manufacturing are used to fully realize its benefits. But in order to keep Crystal Cable’s vision of the loudspeaker as an integrated system solution, we needed to look again at every aspect of the design.

Starting with drive units, we soon found that the SEAS parts we used so successfully in the ARABESQUE MINI could be employed again. But the superior mechanical performance of the MINISSIMO cabinet with its even lower coloration levels and reduced smearing of time and phase information allowed us to develop the ground-breaking Natural Science crossover topology*, delivering unprecedented resolution and phase linearity, coupled to a non-reactive impedance characteristic, maximizing speaker AND amplifier performance. All internal wiring employs Crystal Cable’s latest mono-crystal silver conductors. While the stand design and materials were also further refined to match perfectly with the new cabinet. The result is a true speaker system with the least distortion of any enclosure of its size. TheMINISSIMO plays music with breath-taking levels of harmonic and dynamic resolution. Furthermore, it embodies a tonal colour, rhythmic articulation and natural dynamics.



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The Best Gets Better
MINISSIMO is already recognized as a modern classic – but our latest research combined with new developments in our Natural Science crossover topology convinced us that we could do even better. Working closely with SEAS we developed an exclusive diamond tweeter design that improved high-frequency performance still further – but also allowed us to maintain true in-phase output across both drivers. We’d already used the best available silver in oil capacitors for the Minissimo’s crossover so there was nothing else for it – we had to build our own, dedicated designs that use our proprietary materials and know-how. Then we upgraded the internal wiring to Absolute Dream, added bi-wireable inputs and selected and pair-matched the bass-mid drivers even more rigorously, before building these stellar elements into the MINISSIMO’s unique, one-piece, thin-wall metal-resin cabinet. Of course, the whole speaker system still had to be optimized with subtle but all-important changes to the cabinet damping, but the end result exceeded even our expectations – the MINISSIMO DIAMOND.

As with all Crystal products, the true character lies in the exquisite attention to detail and nothing captures that better than the MINISSIMO DIAMOND´s sole identifying feature: The fragile diamond diaphragm is protected by a laser-cut grille that is as beautiful as it is clever, complex mathematics and supreme accuracy in manufacturing creating a grille that’s as acoustically transparent as it is elegant. That quality extends far beyond the visible. In fact, it’s a sentence (and a sentiment) that could sum up the whole speaker. As technically advanced and innovative as it is carefully sculpted and flawlessly finished, when it comes to compact speakers the Diamond speaks with a voice of unmatched musical power.
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